Sunbeams EP 2016

by Satan and the Sunbeams

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released September 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Satan and the Sunbeams Mobile, Alabama

"I feel like you're like... ACCIDENTALLY 10% metal"
-Al Mirabella

Judon- guitar
Adam- guitar
Josh- drums
Perry- bass

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Track Name: Rise and Shine
Wake up, wake up
I've got a grievance that I'd like to address with you
My friends and I, yeah
We're all tired of doin' stuff
We don't want to do
Like waking early we
Rise and Shine
Still under the grey moon
Now we're at the station
Our tanks are empty,
They're filling us up with fuel

Forever hating all that money we burn through
And while we're at it,
3 bucks a slice ain't bad for pizza too

Confess, confess we are hard at work
But our effort is taken for granted
Able bodies with insufficiency complexes
Become sheep for profit

When you make someone feel like shit
For not, being as well equipped
To deal with upper class debt

And I can't be okay with that I know
You know you won't get ahead
In our race when we're bein' taken advantage

So come home, exhausted
With a little more money in your pockets
Track Name: Wishful Drinking
When I drink, I do dumb things
Like confess fake feelings for ex-girlfriends
She thinks I miss you more than anyone else
It's a load of shit that leaks through text messages
When I wake up in the morning
I'll regret my foolishness

When I drink, I do dumb things
Like sing karaoke
Soco amaretto and lime
All the small things
Sing both in and out of key

So turn the volume up, I'm trying to party
I'll deal with the pounding head-ache in the morning
And I'll know I should've not sang Blink
Because no matter what I can't keep up with
What they're saying
Despite five arrows on a smiley tatted to my left cheek
I may forever forget the lyrics,
But hey man, I'll remember the melody

Tomorrow, tonight won't seem so bad
If I can drown these mixed up feelings
Autonomy from consciousness and morality
I don't believe I'm so wrong to feel this guilty
So I drink, 'til I forget why I drink

So turn the volume up, I'm trying to party
I'll deal with the pounding headache in the morning
No need to explain, they can read it on my face
I feel dead inside, I'd just like to die
Let the earthworms eat me

So I drink, until I can't speak
And then I fall asleep
Seeking reprieve tonight
Still I could be alright
If someone would realize how much they miss me
Come to my rescue, tell me things are fine

Never again will you feel lonely
Or refer to yourself as shitty
I'm just drunk and I'm just dumb now
All of this is just Wishful Drinking
Track Name: In The Pit
Oh snap there it goes again, I think I broke another string
It was an important one, guess I think I needed it to say what I need
Because these simple words only express so much
About complex feeling
I need phosphor and bronze stretched between two spots to
Say what I need, to say what I need

My friends and I, I do believe we are perfect
Together we think and we find answers
I guess you'd call it being eclectic
It's like how sometimes I take a knee
Because the weight of the world is pressing down on me
So we share the load and that's why you're told,
You're not my friends at all, you are my family
Hey fam!

So we laugh and we play to avoid being mundane
Here In the Pit at the bottom of Mobile Bay
And we can rise to the top but that's not what we want
So we don't wanna drown our hearts in alcohol
We're the punchlines and our lives are a joke
Because we bought these instruments, now we're always broke
And that's all right, and I don't care
I can go with these people and these strings anywhere

I don't care, I don't care, I don't care!